How many quotes should I get?

After receiving a lovely testimonial from one of our recent clients who mentioned she sought 6 quotes before choosing Veejay’s Renovations for her Kitchen, I must say that is a surprisingly high number and one that most people would not have the time or the patience to achieve.

However it is always good to try to get more than one quote, so you can compare apples with apples, in saying this you need to make sure your quotes are comparable, meaning it is a like for like quote. Here at Veejay’s Renovations we use only quality German products including soft close Blum runners and systems, this is something we do not compromise on and has a lifetime warranty.

Veejay’s include ALL trades in our quotes, some companies arrange the Trades however you pay them directly and also schedule them yourself, which can become a “Grey “area and run into extra cost.

So in saying this, we were happy to win this job after 6 quotes and just goes to show, you don’t have to shop around too much, saving time and money.