Are you a senior citizen or living with a disability?

Are you recovering from an operation or living with a disability?

If the answer is “YES” then you really  need to consider these points:-

1.Can  you go to the toilet unassisted?

2. Are you able to shower yourself and get a wheelchair in your shower recess?

3.Can your chair or walker fit through the doorway?

4. Are you finding it difficult to get on and off the toilet?

5.Can you open the door on your own?

6. Nervous about  showering with a glass shower screen?

If you are wanting to stay in your current home but it needs to be modified to suit your living conditions then these are some of the things you seriously need to consider. Veeajay’s have been working alongside various organisations to help people get their independence back. Dave is a design specialist in this field, he can talk you through what is needed to get your bathroom  working for you, this can be a simple grip rail or something more complex, Veejay’s can renovate your bathroom to accommodate all your requirements including a self opening door system, bidet toilet, seating within the shower recess and a custom made vanity to suit, everything needed to make your life so much easier. Veejay’s renovations have a full bathroom on display showcasing all the mentioned products and  mechanisms. Offering free in home consultations and quotes. Make the change today -call 9249 6886 – Why wait when you can renovate!