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New Benchtops coming to Perth

Silestone recently launched its new range of benchtops and some of the Veejay’s team had the pleasure in going along to see all the stunning new products and colours. Cindy Crawford was commissioned  to launch this new product, getting it off the ground, literally, by standing on top of the Silestone Eternal Marquina benchtop in ” Heels” …… showcasing the durability of the surface!

Some of the benefits of this Natural Quartz are it is Resistant to Acid , scratching , stains and Impacts, this is achieved due to the new N- Boost, making colours more intense and creating an extraordinary shine, as well as making surfaces easier to clean.

5 Things to consider when setting up your Home Office


  1. Suitable desk – with room for everything at arms length, make sure your computer is directly in front of you, with your phone close by, a pen and paper set and your ever important printer.
  2. Storage – having a office with plenty of places to store all your important documents and paper will keep your office neat and tidy, a lockable filing drawer is also a must. Make sure you also include an area to display some “fun” things to brighten up the space.
  3. Lighting – It is always a must to have good light coming into your work-space, whether it be a big window to create natural light or some very good LED lights over head, it can help bring a very dark room to life, which can only be good for your very precious eyes.
  4. Chair – To have  a good chair can make all the difference in the long run – posture is so important when working long hours in the one spot, make sure it is set at the correct height and your feet can touch the ground, a chair is a very good investment.
  5. Fun – It is great to have such  wonderful home office set up but make sure you incorporate your own special touches, and decorate it to inspire you and make you want to stay in there, photos are always good to look at, plants can give you a more homely feel and have create bringing the outdoor in.

Veejay’s Renovations can custom make all your cabinets to get the look you are hoping for, some people spend half their life at an office desk or stuck in an office – so why not make it something you enjoy being in.



How important is a showroom?

When it comes to the visual side of a renovation you need to be able to look and to touch the products, this is a  must for an amazing end result. 3D drawings can give a visual concept but to see the quality you need to feel  the difference. A good showroom gives you everything you need to make that sometimes very hard decision easier. There really is so much to consider when renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. You will be surprised at how many choices there are when it comes to product selection.

When you walk into  a well laid out showroom it can take the stress out of it all, these days we are all so time poor so to have that ” One stop shop” it can really help manage your precious time. Expert advise is a must,  one that has full knowledge of design and products with in the showroom, someone to talk to and guide you through the process. Don’t  be fooled  by the one man band with no showroom – you may not get what you had dreamed of, and it will all be too late.

Choose a company with a large interactive showroom, this will give you piece of mind and the confidence to get the renovation done right the first time!

Veejay’s Renovations have invested a lot into their showroom as you will into your home.



Tips on how to get that WOW factor –

  1. Splash backs can really light up the room , brick splash back, mirror or even a photo can really add personality to the room.
  2. A unique pendant light  , how about a chandelier …….WHY NOT!!
  3. Strip Led lighting , whether under your overhead cabinets or underneath your base cabinets.
  4. An amazing piece of stone for your bench top……it is usually the first thing that people see when walking into a kitchen, so make a statement!!!
  5. Sometime also the simplest style and colour can have the wow factor, you can always add colour and style  with  some choice pieces of bowls ,cookbooks , candles ect…….

Sometimes its hard to “tie” it all together, but just remember your the one who has to live with it and to love it!!

Don’t forget its what YOU like, not what your family or friends will, this would make for a very boring world, imagine all having the same taste…….be  brave!!

Just always remember to put function first and all the pretty colours and styling second, there is no point in having something that looks like DREAM but a NIGHTMARE to work in.


Don’t let this Christmas become a juggling act……

Christmas should be all about family and spending time with loved ones going over the year that was!

Make sure you take time out to just sit and ponder over the last 12 months. Sometimes we forget about all the good things that have happened and been achieved, if you have renovated this year, whether it was Kitchen, bathroom or Laundry  then that has been a big achievement , if you have not achieved this then do not panic …..their is always 2017!!!

It can be a balancing act, juggling work, family and friends, take this holiday period to just chill out with a drink, a good  book, a game of golf, a massage or just walk along the beach…its amazing how good this will make you feel.

The sun will rise and fall bringing  a beautiful  new day and a starry warm night, so we wish you all the best for Christmas of 2016 and look forward to what lays ahead in 2017.

From all the Veejay’s Renovations team.

Why renovate your laundry?

Laundries are the most under valued room in the house and one of the rooms you spend a lot of time in, so why not make it a space that is user friendly and functional. Gone are the days of the ugly metal trough and the old washing machine, with no room to even sort the socks!

Why not use it for much more than just washing your clothes…….

By adding a large floor to ceiling cupboard to store you brooms, mops and chemicals and matching overhead cabinets you can have so much more storage for all those items that have nowhere to live eg: towels , vases, gardening gloves this list goes on…..

The best way to get more benchspace is to have a front loader washing machine, this can then create a nice long benchtop giving you space to fold your washing. Ironing cupboards can also be installed so no more lugging out the old ironing board and iron, this is a drop down swivel board with a electrical outlet and automatic turn off switch – so no more going out with the feeling of ” did I turn the iron off” ?