5 Things to consider when setting up your Home Office


  1. Suitable desk – with room for everything at arms length, make sure your computer is directly in front of you, with your phone close by, a pen and paper set and your ever important printer.
  2. Storage – having a office with plenty of places to store all your important documents and paper will keep your office neat and tidy, a lockable filing drawer is also a must. Make sure you also include an area to display some “fun” things to brighten up the space.
  3. Lighting – It is always a must to have good light coming into your work-space, whether it be a big window to create natural light or some very good LED lights over head, it can help bring a very dark room to life, which can only be good for your very precious eyes.
  4. Chair – To have  a good chair can make all the difference in the long run – posture is so important when working long hours in the one spot, make sure it is set at the correct height and your feet can touch the ground, a chair is a very good investment.
  5. Fun – It is great to have such  wonderful home office set up but make sure you incorporate your own special touches, and decorate it to inspire you and make you want to stay in there, photos are always good to look at, plants can give you a more homely feel and have create bringing the outdoor in.

Veejay’s Renovations can custom make all your cabinets to get the look you are hoping for, some people spend half their life at an office desk or stuck in an office – so why not make it something you enjoy being in.