How important is a showroom?

When it comes to the visual side of a renovation you need to be able to look and to touch the products, this is a  must for an amazing end result. 3D drawings can give a visual concept but to see the quality you need to feel  the difference. A good showroom gives you everything you need to make that sometimes very hard decision easier. There really is so much to consider when renovating your kitchen, bathroom or laundry. You will be surprised at how many choices there are when it comes to product selection.

When you walk into  a well laid out showroom it can take the stress out of it all, these days we are all so time poor so to have that ” One stop shop” it can really help manage your precious time. Expert advise is a must,  one that has full knowledge of design and products with in the showroom, someone to talk to and guide you through the process. Don’t  be fooled  by the one man band with no showroom – you may not get what you had dreamed of, and it will all be too late.

Choose a company with a large interactive showroom, this will give you piece of mind and the confidence to get the renovation done right the first time!

Veejay’s Renovations have invested a lot into their showroom as you will into your home.