Create the Perfect Kitchen for Family Time

Make your kitchen the heart of your home – a space to connect with your family and create wonderful memories.

If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen renovation, we recommend delving a little deeper into what you want to get out of the space you create. A well-designed kitchen can transform how your family interacts with each other, contributing to more meaningful conversations and relationships. In-person interactions can improve mental health, increase the academic success of children and reduce conflicts through better communication. Even if your children have grown up and moved out, creating a place for the next generation to connect and congregate will spark happy memories for years to come!

Open up to the possibilities

Gone are the days where the kitchen is tucked away and the cook misses out on the action in entertaining areas. By incorporating an open plan layout into your kitchen renovation, everyone can be social, even if they are basting the chicken or preparing a last-minute salad. For younger families, having an open plan provides the opportunity to keep an eye on the kids while preparing dinner. And, for older families, open plan kitchens are a great way to integrate entertainment with food prep. If you require structural changes for your open plan kitchen, Veejay’s is on hand to help with 30 years of experience in kitchen renovations.

Storage, storage and more storage!

Consider all of the appliances, reusable containers and food you need to store to make the kitchen function smoothly. If every item has a place it will be much easier to keep the kitchen tidy and create a space that people want to spend time in. It might seem simple, but ensuring you have the storage to keep the benches clear of appliances and kitchen paraphernalia instantly makes the kitchen feel more inviting. If you have the room, you could even add a butlers pantry complete with a sink and extra storage that can be hidden behind closed doors. At Veejay’s, can help you get the most kitchen storage out of your space, we even have obligation-free consultations to help you plan.

Meet me at the island

Consider adding an island bench or breakfast bar to your kitchen layout – this creates more food prep spaces and a place to hang out with family. You can sit and chat while preparing a meal together, encouraging conversations between family members and friends. It’s also the perfect place to oversee your kid’s homework, catch up after a long day of work or even use it as a short term desk space. Make sure to choose comfortable seating to make a space even more enticing for the family to spend time. We can help you design the layout that will suit your home’s aesthetics and make the most of the shape of your kitchen.

Need advice on your kitchen renovation in Perth? We’re here to help!

No matter the size of your space, Veejay’s can help you renovate your kitchen with advice on layout, storage and design elements to harbour meaningful family time. Creating your dream kitchen that encourages connection can start with a phone call – give us a ring for a free consultation with our team of experienced kitchen specialists to get started on your kitchen renovation in Perth!