Maximise Space with Your Bathroom Renovation

Even if you don’t have a big area to work with, we can help you make the most of your bathroom space. Read on for our ultimate tips for space-savvy bathroom renovations!

We’ve been providing bathroom and kitchen renovations in Perth since 1989, and although trends come and go, maximising your space will never go out of fashion! If taking out a wall to create more space isn’t an option, there are plenty of other ways we can help you maximise the space you have when planning your bathroom renovation. From simple replacements to reconfiguring the layout, you’ve got options to give the impression of more space and increase the functionality of your bathroom for years to come! 

Optimise your bathroom flow

You’ve heard us say this before when talking about kitchen renovations, but the advice applies here too – consider your family’s unique way of living in your home when planning your new bathroom. With a bath, shower, toilet and vanity to fit in, reconfiguring the room to suit the way you use your bathroom can make it more functional and also create a feeling of more space. Perhaps now that the kids have left home you can take out the bath – or maybe swapping the toilet and vanity around will just work better. We provide obligation-free quotes and 2D designs to help you work out the best flow for your bathroom – give us a call today to discuss your dream bathroom renovation

Small changes can make a big difference

If reconfiguring the bathroom layout is too much of a mission, there are plenty of small ways to give the illusion of more space. Considering textures, storage and even colour are all ways you can maximise space with your bathroom renovation.

Glass and mirrors

Clear glass doors and walls for the shower allow the user to see the whole room, rather than reducing the space with barriers like shower curtains or opaque doors. Full-length or full-wall mirrors also help to create space, by reflecting light and brightening smaller rooms. You can even create bonus space by considering the angle of the mirror – reflecting a window for example can give the illusion of a second window, therefore adding light and a sense of depth to the room. 

Smarter storage

If you have read our previous blogs we might be sounding a bit like a stuck record at this point but believe us, it’s important! Not only will smart storage reduce the visual clutter in your bathroom, but it will also help you keep your beautifully renovated bathroom tidy if everything has a place. Take a look at your current bathroom and think about what features could double up as storage spaces. Utilise wall space accordingly – think under sink storage, behind-the-mirror cupboards, floating shelves or adding towel racks and hooks to the door. 

Light and bright

Opting for lighter hues with your bathroom renovation can make the space appear bigger than it really is – especially if you are working with limited natural light. You can add in your other favourite colours with towels and accessories, but having the wall, ceiling and floor in pale tones helps to reflect the light. That doesn’t mean you have to go stark white everything – there are plenty of warm light shades to choose from and mixing up textures with tiles, flooring and other features can provide plenty of visual interest. 

Feeling inspired? We can help you with all of your bathroom, laundry and kitchen renovations in Perth. In fact, we have the skills to help with any renovation from the front door to the back door, including structural changes, plumbing, electrical and flooring. Contact our team today!